Stribog, Slavic Gods series, Niue 2020, 2 dollars, 2 oz, 50 mm, antique finish high relief coin, oak insert, client: Mint of Poland, producer: Mint of Poland.


The 3rd coin in this series, after: Perun and Svetovit.

There is no any historical image of Stribog, that I could be inspired by. He is just the Slavic god of the wind. That’s why the composition had to be dynamic and… stormy.

Stribog was also supposed to be the god of water and war. In the foreground we see three slavic ships with three slavic gods symbols (starting from the left: Perun, Stribog and Svetovit) on their sails.

Stribog, final design
The final design.

My first sketch depicted Stribog blowing an unnaturally large horn. Finally the size of the horn was reduced (blue lines in the middle sketch below) to open up the space around the main character. The red arrows follow the air movement. The composition of the whole reverse is subjected to the wind. The trees, the sea waves and even the folds of Stribog’s shirt bend with the wind.

Three of teh four elements (water, earth and air) are depicted on the coin. Each of them is subjected to the wind. Fire, too, but I simply didn’t include it in the composition…

The patterns of the shirt and the ornament on the horn refer to the Ukrainian folk ornaments.

The obverse of this coin is the same as on the two previous coins in this series. See more.


Stribog — photo of the coin.
Stribog — photo of the coin.
Perun's ship. Detail of the coin.
Perun’s ship. Detail of the coin.