Prometheus, Ancient Myths series, Niue Island 2019, 5 Dollars, 2 oz, 50 mm, antique finish high relief coin with silver chain 24 karat red gold plated, client: Magikos-Coins, producer: Mint of Poland.


Everyone knows the myth of Prometheus, that is why no need to describe a detailed iconography. I will focus on the composition itself. Compared to rather static and classic compositions of modern collector coins, I prefer to surprise with dynamic composition and unusual perspective. Like in comic book art.

Prometheus, final design
Prometheus, the final design.
Prometheus, rough sketch.
Prometheus, the first rough sketch.

There are two versions of the myth of Prometheus. According to one of them, a vulture pecked Prometheus’s liver every day at sunrise. According to the other myth, it was an eagle (perhaps Ethon—the great Caucasian eagle), not a vulture… Finally, I chose the eagle because of its popularity in painted and sculpted artworks of Western European art.

First version of the obverse.
The first version of the obverse. Unfortunately, the issuer (Niue) did not agree to the presence of a human figure next to the image of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.