Only two 2 oz silver coins were released in the “Golden Age of Sail” series: “Queen Anne’s Revenge” and “HMS Bounty”. I designed both of them for the Mint of Poland. Both of them were refined with resin insert. I started working on “Queen Anne’s Revenge” in 2018. The coin was released in 2019, in the same year, that the second coin in the series: “HMS Bounty”. Issuer: Republic of Cameroon.

Both ships no longer exist, so these designs are my subjective attempt to reconstruct their appearance. It is impossible to reproduce all the details of the ships in a small piece of metal, so I simplified all construction elements, including rigging.

“Queen Anne’s Revenge” was a flagship of the famous pirate Blackbeard. I draw the portrait of Blackbeard (on the bottom of the reverse) based on eighteenth-century engravings.

Queen Anne's Revenge reverse
“Queen Anne’s Revenge” (reverse).

HMS Bounty is known for the revolt of the crew led by officer Fletcher Christian. We see his hypothetical portrait in the compass rose.

HMS Bounty (reverse)
“HMS Bounty” (reverse)
"Golden Age of Sail" - obverse of the series
“Golden Age of Sail”–the obverse of the series