Ganesha, World Cultures series, Republic of Cameroon 2019, 2000 Francs CFA, 2 oz, 45 mm, antique finish ultra high relief coin, black proof, green agate insert, client: Magikos-Coins and Numiartis, producer: Mint of Poland.


Lord Ganesha is one of the best-known deities of Hinduism. The four-armed (sometimes six-armed) god with the head of an elephant has a power of removing all obstacles. He is a patron of art and science. He provides wisdom and intellect, and above all he is a god of abundance. Ganesha has a lot of atributes:
— his large head symbolizes a great wisdom;
— his large ears represent listening and attentiveness to his devotees;
— a large belly digests all that is good and bad in life;
— his broken tusk symbolizes the sacrifice for learning a wisdom;
— an axe in one of his right hands cuts off all bonds of attachement and an ankus (elephant goad or tool for handling an elephant—on the other side of the axe) guides humanity towards enlightenment;
— a lotus blossom (padma) is a symbol of the ascent of the spirit to greater heights and the rope (pasha or pāśa) in the same hand represents Ganesha’s power to bind and free the obstacles;
— a bowl of modak balls represents rewards of Sadhana, the sweetness of meditation;
— a mouse is a symbol of desire under control.

Ganesha can have many other attributes. I chose the symbols that I liked. Licentia poetica...

Final design of the reverse.
Final design of the reverse.
The obverse.
The obverse depicts a typical indian architecture: Gadi Sagar temple in Rajasthan. Below: Diwali lamp.