Minotaur, Ancient Myths series, Niue Island 2017, 5 Dollars, 2 oz, 50 mm, antique finish high relief coin with brass spiked ball insert, client: Magikos-Coins, producer: Mint of Poland.


The “Minotaur” is following the “Trojan Horse” coin in the Ancient Myths series.

On the reverse: the clumsy creature with the head of a bull, runs towards Theseus. In his right hand he holds the labrys (a double-bitted Minoan ax), while in the left — a chain of the flail with a huge spike ball. Under his feet there are a lot of skulls, skeletons and remains of weapons of his victims. Theseus defends himself with a magic sword. At his hip hangs a ball of thread. He got the thread from Ariadne, so that he could find his way out of the Labyrinth. In the background we see the walls of the Labyrinth with many traces of fighting. Minos, the king of Crete is looking at the whole scene from the terrace of his palace at Knossos. Minos had Daedalus construct a gigantic labyrinth to hold the Minotaur.

On the obverse: an ancient Greek soldier keeps the entrance to the Labyrinth. Two crossed labryses hang on the right column (the word labyrinthos comes from the word labrys in Lydian language). King Minos kept them to defend himself from Minotaur. On the lintel of the entrance we see the Greek word λαβύρινθος and on top of the building a famous sculpture of Antonio Canova: Theseus stomping the vanquished Minotaur. It’s a kind of artistic counterpoint, similar to the Laocoön Group on the “Trojan Horse” coin. An outline of the scene of Theseus fighting with Minotaur was engraved on a vase with spears, near the right column of the obverse.

About this coin:

“It’s always a pleasure to get an exclusive look at a new coin and when it was as outstanding as last years Trojan Horse coin, it’s a real treat.”: AgAuNews
“Love the design”: SilverStackers Forum

Minotaur - perspective lines
Drawing the perspective of the scene.
Minotaur reverse design
Minotaur — final design with draft of the insert.
Rozrys wstawki i umieszczenia na niej kolcy.
Final scheme of the insert with spike positioning.
Minotaur reverse
Photo of the reverse.
Reverse details.
Close-up view of the reverse with all these small details of the coin…
Final design of the obverse.
Final design of the obverse.
The obverse od Minotaur coin.
Photo of the obverse.
Details of the obverse.
The close-up view of the obverse with two crossed labryses and Theseus and Minotaur fighting scene on the Greek amphora.