Ares—God of War, Gods series, Niue Island 2017, 2 Dollars, 2 oz, 45 mm, antique finish ultra high relief coin, selective gilding, client: Numiartis, producer: Mint of Poland.


I’m very proud. My Ares became a world hit coin. A lot of further high relief coin desings, especially mythology themed coins, are inspired by Ares dynamic composition.

From the beginning the project was to be very dynamic: Ares leads his army to attack. On the left, we see a temple emerging from the clouds of Mount Olympus. Ares is not only the god of war and destruction, but also the god of the courage and heroism—his attribute is the lion (seen on the shield).

About this coin:

“A very dynamic design.”: AgAuNews

“This (…) coin looks to be a hugely dynamic and interesting piece of work and we for one can’t wait to see the finished article. The Mint of Poland are hugely capable and we’d expect this to be of a very high standard when it’s fully realised.”: AgAuNews

“The final coin easily being one of the highlights of the year so far and I can’t imagine this not being considered one of the coins of 2017 when the year is over.”: AgAuNews

“Some coins are much better than others and standout because of their superb designs and overall quality.”: Modern Coin Forum

“It’s pretty amazing.”: Silver Slacker/YouTube

“Best Looking Coin I Have Ever Seen?”: Silver Slacker/YouTube


Ares first sketch
The first sketch of the reverse.
Ares - sketch witch gilding areas.
Better sketch of Ares with gold plated area.
Etap wykańczania rysunku.
A design process…
Ares - the final design of the reverse
Ares—the final design of the reverse.
Ares reverse.
The reverse of the coin. Photo: Mint of Poland.