Kapala, World Cultures series, Republic of Cameroon 2018, 2000 Francs CFA, 2 oz, 45 mm, antique finish ultra high relief coin, black proof, turquoise insert, client: Magikos-Coins and Numiartis, producer: Mint of Poland.


„It allows an ambitious design (…)” AgAuNews

On the reverse: kapala is a Sanskrit word for a cup, traditionally made of the top of a human skull. In Hindu and Buddhist tantric tradition kapala is used as a ritual bowl for the bread or dough cakes and the wine — offerings to gods symbolizing flesh and blood. This powerful ritual implement helped the monks to reach transcendent state of mind and deeper insight while meditation. It reminds us of the evanescence of life. Especially in Tibet, kapalas are often elaborately carved and adorned with silver and gems. Among the Hindu deities depicted with the kapala are Durga, Kali and Shiva.

Kapala — design of the reverse
Kapala — design of the reverse.

On the obverse: the ornament inspired by the Wheel of Dharma (Dharmachakra in Sanskrit), one of the oldest symbols of Buddhism. On the bottom of the obverse: a characteristic theme of Buddhist temple architecture—a golden Wheel of Dharma with a pair of male and female deer.

Kapala — design of the reverse
Design of the obverse.
Kapala — design of the sleeve and certificate.
For Kapala wooden box I also designed the paper sleeve and the certificate.